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New Antilia Development Video Series

In April I started capturing footage for a new video series, and at last the first video is finally here!

Antilia Update, Toi Engine to Become Open Source

Progress on Antilia continues, currently focusing on improvements to the core game engine. The Toi Engine will be made open source, and much of the single-player campaign has been designed.

Antilia No Longer Targeting an MMORPG

This morning we announced that Antilia will be re-designed as a single player game with a multiplayer option via player-run servers.

In-Game Event Rescheduled to January 24th and 25th!

The problems we ran into that led up to the New Years Event being delayed have been resolved, and we are looking good for running Antilia this upcoming weekend - January 24th-25th.

New Years Event Delayed

Our apologies to everyone, but unfortunately Antilia will not be ready in time for the event we had planned on December 31st.

New Years Social and the Behind-the-Scenes Live Stream

This year's annual New Years Social will be the most festive yet, and the Antilia Behind-the-Scenes Live stream is back!

Welcome to Antilia!

Antilia is a sandbox-style fantasy RPG, featuring a dynamic world simulation and anthropomorphic characters

Antilia is currently in development, and is not ready for download or play at this time.



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