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In-Game Event Rescheduled to January 24th and 25th!

The problems we ran into that led up to the New Years Event being delayed have been resolved, and we are looking good for running Antilia this upcoming weekend - January 24th-25th.

New Years Event Delayed

Our apologies to everyone, but unfortunately Antilia will not be ready in time for the event we had planned on December 31st.

New Years Social and the Behind-the-Scenes Live Stream

This year's annual New Years Social will be the most festive yet, and the Antilia Behind-the-Scenes Live stream is back!

Welcome Our New Development Team Members!

It has been a while since we expanded our development team, join us in welcoming our four new developers!


We've been working on a new in-game building editor for players to create their own homes and shops with - check out our video of the new system in its early development!

An April Fools Postmortem

For this year's April Fools - the joke was on us. What started as a gag turned into some of the best gameplay improvements made to Antilia yet. Also: A Major Change to How We Test Antilia

Welcome to Antilia!

Antilia is a mass-multiplayer roleplaying game (mmorpg) set in a beautiful, original fantasy world.

Antilia is currently in development, and is not ready for download or play at this time.


Upcoming Events

To be Announced

Behind the Scenes Live Stream

Saturday, February 28th 12PM MT


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