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We've been working on a new in-game building editor for players to create their own homes and shops with - check out our video of the new system in its early development!

An April Fools Postmortem

For this year's April Fools - the joke was on us. What started as a gag turned into some of the best gameplay improvements made to Antilia yet. Also: A Major Change to How We Test Antilia

Development on Antilia Continues!

For those that haven't caught the live streams, here's what we have in store for 2014!

Antilia Kickstarter Launches December 17th!

The path is clear for Antilia's Kickstarter! We'll be taking our campaign live next week at the start of our regular Behind-The-Scenes video. The Antilia Kickstarter will Launch December 17th, 7PM Mountain Time!

New Alpha Version and Server Uptime this Week!

Development and testing of Antilia will resume, starting with a new version and an in-game social event this weekend - October 12th & 13th!

Creating Awesome Backer Rewards

Creating the right backer rewards for our Kickstarter campaign is essential. This week we are considering the basic kind of rewards we aim to offer to backers, and provide a peek at things we've created for the Kickstarter video.

Welcome to Antilia!

Antilia is a mass-multiplayer roleplaying game (mmorpg) set in a beautiful, original fantasy world.

Antilia is currently in development, and is not ready for download or play at this time.


Upcoming Events

Next event announcement coming soon.
Antilia Alpha Special Event
Tues, April 1st, 9AM-10PM Mountain Time

Pre-test download & auto-update now available!


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